A sentimental favorite

Just getting started on processing photos from last weekend’s cat show in Arcadia but wanted to post this photo. This girl is stunning, her name is Exoticrose Keely. She is a spotted seal mink Bengal Cat, and what is often referred to as a “charcoal snow”. The color genetics that cause the extremely dark markings on the “charcoals” are not yet fully understood in the cat fancy but its undeniably interesting, and in my opinion, gorgeous – especially in this case. Her sire is Junglebook Cubby Coo the Rajah’s Cat, who has a special spot in the hearts of those that were friends and fans of Les Hall and Junglebook cattery. Leslie passed away last year but her work and legacy live on in the offspring of Cubby and the other Bengals she so lovingly produced. I think Les would have really liked this beautiful girl.

Exoticrose Keely

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