pretty ragdoll kittenWelcome! I am Diana Starr, sole proprietor of Starrlight Photography. As a business, the focus is (pun intended) on pet photography. The majority of work is done at allbreed cat shows which include both purebred cats and mixed-breed household pets, but I do at times photograph dogs and humans (usually with their pets), and I photograph landscapes and architecture for pleasure. My cat photographs have been featured in a number of publications including the covers of well known magazines such as Cat Fancy.

I’ve been a photography enthusiast since getting my first Kodak Instamatic camera as a child, taking photos of the animals on our Iowa farm and on family vacations. Over the years I’ve developed and improved the skills – some inherent and some learned – to capture the beauty and personality of the wonderful creatures I have opportunity to photograph.

bulldog puppy

From 2017 to 2019 I’ve been traveling to shows around the Southwest and Pacific NW states in my motorhome. In November, 2019 I’ll be moving “back home” to Iowa and will look forward to doing some shows in the Midwest.

Please check out  the main online gallery (although it is woefully outdated!). I don’t post to the blog here often but do update the Facebook page regularly so please check that out also.

I also design and manage WordPress sites, for info see https://starrlightmedia.com

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Diana Starr