Show Signup for Starrlight Photography

Signup for Starrlight photo session

Greetings catshow exhibitors!

For shows that are expected to be especially busy, I have a pre-show sign-up list for photo sessions. Usually I will schedule approximately 15-20 cats per day. It may be possible to photograph more than that, but it’s the number I’m comfortable scheduling. I typically do not set a specific appointment time for photo shoots; I’ve found that doesn’t work well for me or you since we never know when you’re going to be called to a ring or a final. A photo session, on average, takes around 10-15 minutes, and your photo review takes another 10-15 minutes.

I usually have clients go through their photos and make their choices at the show, but if my schedule is extremely booked, and/or if you many great poses and you are having a hard time choosing,  I may plan to put proofs online for you to choose from after the show.

Please plan to check in with me after you check in to the show so I know that you are there, we can confirm your approximate time block, and  if there any changes to your photo shoot request. If you provide your cell phone number  I can text to see if you are available for your photo shoot if I can’t easily find you.

See gallery with examples of my background colors(There may be additional colors that are not yet in this gallery.)

Thanks, looking forward to seeing you at the show! -Diana