2016 schedule updates!

Mar 12-13, WCCC, Ione, CA
May 14-15, SoCalExoTICA, Arcadia, CA
Jul 23-24, WCCC, Sacramento, CA, TICA MidPacific Regional
Aug 5-7, Coatimondi, Tucson, AZ, TICA Southwest Regional
Sep 3-4, America’s Finest Felines, San Diego, CA, TICA Annual
Oct 7-9, JazzyCats, Sacramento, CA
Dec 2-4, Coatimondi, Tucson, AZ, Ragdolls Around the World Congress

Updated show schedule

Have a few new shows added to the schedule, there may be more additions.


Sept 26-27, San Gabriel Valley Cat Fanciers, Arcadia, CA

Nov 7-8, Wine Country Cat Club, Ione, CA

Nov 14-15, Americas Finest Felines, Arcadia, CA

Dec 4-6, Coatimondi Cat Club, Tucson, AZ

Feb 19-21, Evergreen Cat Fanciers, Spokane, WA (“On Safari” Bengal Cat Specialty show)

Sep 3-4, Americas Finest Felines, San Diego, CA – TICA Annual


My son Carleton and I recently did a weekend trip with a group to Joshua Tree National Park. This is my favorite shot, with the Milky Way, a few wispy clouds and the mountain backdrop.

milky way photo
Starrlight Photo – Milky Way

Updated show schedule

I currently have a contract job here in San Diego 4 days a week so have cut back on cat shows further than 2 hours from home. Shows may continue to be added for 2015, if you know there is a show in your area and want to know if I’ll be there, feel free to inquire via the contact page.

(TICA) Arcadia, CA

(TICA) Arcadia, CA

(TICA) Visalia, CA
SW Regional

(watch here or inquire about updates to schedule)