1992 Jamboree motorhome for sale

1992 Fleetwood Jamboree Rallye, 27 ft

Just over 92K miles
Ford Econoline, E-350, V8, 7.5L
* Unique layout with 2 separate “twin/bunk” size beds (32×74″) in back (see photo below)
Tags paid til Sept 2020

(see gallery of photos at bottom of page, I’ll add photos of interior soon, click on any image to view slideshow)

I’ve lived and traveled in this motorhome since March of 2017 (I travel all around CA and AZ and up the west coast for my work). I’ve driven it from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA and back twice, and from San Diego to Iowa and back. The only breakdown on those trips was the starter went out. It’s been driven over 25,000 miles in the last 2.5 years.

I’m selling it because I’m moving back “home” to Iowa and won’t be available for RV’ing  for quite some time and don’t want to store it indefinitely.

I’ve put a lot of money in to keep it running well. But it’s an older RV that’s been heavily used the last couple years and has a few things that are not working that I’ve decided not to invest in repairing. I also have made a few “customizations” to the interior that may not work for some people. 🙂

Engine and chassis are in good shape including tires. Drives good. Four tires are 2.5 years old, two tires are 1.5 years old.

Fuel – 36 gal
Gray tank – 32 gal
Black tank – 25 gal
Fresh water tank – 35 gal
LP – 14 gal
Water heater – 6 gal

* The dinette table and cushions were removed (I no longer have) and replaced with a wood tabletop which I use as a desk, the seats are still intact.
* Two captains chairs were removed and replaced with a wood bench with cushion that can be used as a couch or single bed with storage area underneath
– Have original manuals for nearly everything
– All hot/cold water works well, sinks, toilet, shower, etc.
– Microwave works great
– Propane stovetop works great, four burners. The stove should work fine, I’ve just never used it.
– Refrigerator works great on propane, on electric can be temperamental, maybe because I’m usually pushing limits on usage with my electronics.
– Generator was started last spring but isn’t starting now. May just need serviced.
– Cab AC has never worked.
– Roof AC stopped 1-2 months ago, I’ve been using a portable evaporative cooler.
– Furnace works wonderfully but fan started squeaking last spring, I bought a new motor that needs to be installed.
– Black/gray/fresh water tanks gauges don’t work, I can go easily 2 weeks (one person) before I have to dump tanks if I shower in campground showers. Otherwise after two showers I  dump.
– Several of the windows need some work on the cranks.
– Initial inspection (2017) showed water damage to over-cab, they dried it out and resealed and no leakage since. I just don’t put anything heavy up there.
– Awning works well, in pretty good shape, lightly stained and a couple very small tears.
– The interior decor is all original and much of the fabric trim around windows is deteriorating
– Most of the carpet has been pulled out and replaced with “gray wood look” vinyl flooring
– Periodic (seasonal) engine (belt) squeak that multiple mechanics not able to confirm source but nothing causing damage (belts, tensioner, air pump, AC pump, water pump all replaced)
– Includes original AM/FM radio, no CD player, also a CB radio, which I’ve never used
– Missing a couple hubcaps
– When it rains really hard or for multiple days, I get some drips through the air conditioner and on the wall in bedroom area (I think from the window)
Surge protector, leveling blocks, fresh water hose, gray/black septic drain hose included

Repairs/Service (I have records for everything listed)
2011: (Before I purchased) new transmission
2017: bumper to bumper inspection, reseal overcab, dicor seal roof, new plumbing vent, refrigerator vent, A/C shroud, appliance service and water heater flush, service frig and furnace, new power steering pump, chassis lube, replace LP regulator, differential input, marker lights, brake work, new dump valves, 6 new Hankook Dynapro tires, new starter and solenoid, new serpentine belts, fuel filter, water pump and belt tensioner, AC belt, U-joint, add inner tire air valve extenders
2018: new air pump, inspect refrigerator, 32 point overall inspection, new house battery
2019: new ball joints, rotors/pads, alignment, new steering gear box, two new tires, brake work

Layout (note there are two separate twin beds, and the dinette and two captains chairs have been replaced)


Photos – interior photos added soon, click on any image to see slideshow