Making prints from digital images

A tip regarding making hardcopy prints from high resolution digital images.

Many of my clients purchase high resolution images in order to make hardcopy prints of their own, and I give them this important tip.

If you have a good quality printer, you may be able to make prints that have good color and contrast. But the quality will be affected by the printer, your ink and the “color profile” that your printer and computer are using.

If you choose to make prints at a retail location, plan to use a professional lab if possible or at least a location that will let you choose the option for “NO ADJUSTMENTS”.

The photos that I create are “fine tuned” for color and contrast and if you use someplace like Walgreens or a self-serve machine, the photos will be printed with a process that nearly always adds too much color saturation and contrast, which will blow out most of the fine detail in your photographs. Professional labs, and some retail locations like Costco will let you select “no adjustments” and your photos will hopefully come out as you – and I – intended.

Your public service announcement for the day. 🙂