Great show in San Diego!

The International TICA Annual show was here in San Diego last weekend. Had a great time at the show and awards banquet.

Proofs of the photos my son Carleton and I took during awards presentations can be found at

“Formal” photos during awards night, taken by a second photographer, Larry Johnson are at

Starrlight Photo’s next show coming up in a couple weeks, SGVCF in Arcadia. See you there!

Cute photo from the show last weekend, Buttons and Lola. 


2016 schedule updates!

Mar 12-13, WCCC, Ione, CA
May 14-15, SoCalExoTICA, Arcadia, CA
Jul 23-24, WCCC, Sacramento, CA, TICA MidPacific Regional
Aug 5-7, Coatimondi, Tucson, AZ, TICA Southwest Regional
Sep 3-4, America’s Finest Felines, San Diego, CA, TICA Annual
Oct 7-9, JazzyCats, Sacramento, CA
Dec 2-4, Coatimondi, Tucson, AZ, Ragdolls Around the World Congress

Updated show schedule

Have a few new shows added to the schedule, there may be more additions.


Sept 26-27, San Gabriel Valley Cat Fanciers, Arcadia, CA

Nov 7-8, Wine Country Cat Club, Ione, CA

Nov 14-15, Americas Finest Felines, Arcadia, CA

Dec 4-6, Coatimondi Cat Club, Tucson, AZ

Feb 19-21, Evergreen Cat Fanciers, Spokane, WA (“On Safari” Bengal Cat Specialty show)

Sep 3-4, Americas Finest Felines, San Diego, CA – TICA Annual