Great show in San Diego!

The International TICA Annual show was here in San Diego last weekend. Had a great time at the show and awards banquet.

Proofs of the photos my son Carleton and I took during awards presentations can be found at

“Formal” photos during awards night, taken by a second photographer, Larry Johnson are at

Starrlight Photo’s next show coming up in a couple weeks, SGVCF in Arcadia. See you there!

Cute photo from the show last weekend, Buttons and Lola. 


Summer 2013

I took off a month in May from the cat shows and did some travelling in Iowa and Colorado to visit family and friends. Had fun doing some “people” photos and two homeshoots for friend’s kitties. Had a great show in Arcadia last weekend put on by America’s Finest Felines, and getting ready for the TICA combined Southwest and Mid-Pacific regions’ show and awards banquet mid July in Vegas.

Also planned is a major redesign of the website and I’m determined to be better about updating the site (I post more often on Facebook).

Stay tuned!